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What is Blue Fuel?

We give team sport athletes access to expert nutritional advice. Through our app, performance recipes and nutrition products we create personalised plans to help athletes hit their goals.

I take part in an individual sport. Can I join?

Blue Fuel started at Chelsea FC, so our background is in the world of team sport. Our nutrition products are designed to be used before, during and after intense exercise with repeated sprints (think basketball, rugby, football etc).


However, we know that part of a team sport athlete’s training will include cardio, strength and other solo sessions – our system is designed to cover both individual and team activity. So yes, Blue Fuel can be used by individual sport athletes. Whatever you play, we’ll give you a personalised nutrition plan to helps you hit your goals.

Are all your products tested by Informed Sport?

100%. All Blue Fuel products are batch-tested under Informed Sport’s strict guidelines. High quality products and athlete safety are really important to us – we wouldn’t recommend anything that’s not been approved by Informed Sport.

Can I buy nutrition products individually?

Yes, you can buy any Blue Fuel product separately and choose however many you want, any time. Choose your products here

Can I create an account without subscribing?

Yes, access to the Blue Fuel app is free. So you'll be able to have an account without making a purchase.

How do I pause or cancel my Blue Fuel subscription?

Your subscription can be managed through the Blue Fuel app or here on our site. You can skip an order or cancel your subscription completely.

Are your products suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

Our Hydration Sachets and Energy Gummies are suitable for both vegans and vegetarians. Recovery Powder and Rebuild Powder are only suitable for vegetarians. See our product pages for more details.

Vegan and vegetarian subscribers – we’ve developed a wide range of performance recipes to help you take on specific macros (protein, carbs etc). They’ll be suggested as part of your nutrition plan to help you hit your goal.

Why do you need my height, weight, fitness goal etc?

We use this information to create a bespoke nutrition plan – the more detail you give us, the more personalised we can make it. We use a special algorithm designed by expert nutritionists and sports scientists to get an accurate result.

How do I track my delivery?

Head to our delivery partner’s site here. You can log in to see what stage your order is at and when it’s expected to be delivered.

Can I try a sample?

Yes. The Blue Fuel Trial Box offers a selection of products and flavours for just £9.99 (including shipping).

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