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About Us

Every athlete is different. And when it comes to their nutrition, they all need different things. But it’s a minefield of products and information – so where can you get nutritional advice that’s right for you and your sport?

We created Blue Fuel to bring personalised nutrition to athletes. It’s about giving amateur players access to the expertise they see in pro sports.

That means  specially tailored nutrition products, an intelligent app that helps and guides you and hundreds of performance recipes that flex to suit your day-to-day needs.

 Who’s behind Blue Fuel?

 We’re made up of sport nutritionists and scientists who’ve worked at the highest level.  We’re able to access the Club’s expertise in health, fitness and sports science, but our knowledge isn’t limited to football. We’ve worked with other pro teams in basketball, rugby and further afield. And all our experience has helped us create great-tasting products that deliver the nutritional goals we’re looking for. We know how important safety is to athletes too – that’s why all our products have been tested and registered with Informed Sport.

 So, here’s to training hard and eating smart!

  The Blue Fuel team

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