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Why we created Blue Fuel

Every athlete is different – from the sport they play to their shape and size. So when it comes to nutrition, everyone’s going to need different things. But it’s not always easy to find the right information and getting bespoke plans or advice can be too costly for amateurs. That’s why we developed Blue Fuel. We created a suite of nutrition products and we created an innovative app to provide personalised recipes based on your goals, dietary requirements and energy expenditure. We also designed a system that guides you and shows you when to use the supplements – whatever sport you play.

Working with Chelsea FC

We used all the expertise of the players, coaches and nutritionists at Stamford Bridge. Developing an innovative way to deliver proper nutrition meant bringing together lots of disciplines to get ideas, collect data, and carry out research. We drew on the practical knowledge of Chelsea’s coaches and nutritionists who have spent years developing elite athletes. We also used the players – not only to try out our bars, drinks, and recipes, but to actually inform what went into the products themselves. For example, we sweat-tested the first team to determine the amount of electrolytes they lose during training and games. We used this data, along with recent electrolyte data from other team sports to create our Hydration Powder.

“We drew on the practical knowledge of Chelsea’s coaches and nutritionists, who have spent years developing elite athletes. ”

Team sport athletes needed more

Blue Fuel came from the realisation that team sport athletes are underserved by most nutrition brands. We found that many people just ended up using products designed for endurance sports. There was also confusion about when to take supplements, which is why we developed an app that simply explains when to use products to help improve performance. We have the option of a personalised subscription service also lets us prescribe enough products for the individual – so no more out-of-date protein tubs lurking in the back of your cupboard! Finally, we know that supplements offer small % in gains and that the meals you eat are most important when it comes to performance. That’s why we included hundreds of recipes on the app that are recommended based on your needs, goals and activities. It’s all about promoting a food-first approach wherever possible.


Everything an athlete needs

Our aim is to bring the benefit of personal chefs, nutritionists and high quality products to every athlete – wherever they are and whatever their goals. We’ve drawn on expertise, research and innovation to help us create a unique service.  With a few basic details we give athletes recipe recommendations to suit their activity for the very same day – helping them get what they need, meal by meal. And athletes can access all that nutritional advice whenever they need it.


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