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What’s Blue Fuel and how does it work for me?

With Blue Fuel, you don’t have to second guess your nutrition. We’ll recommend everything you need for your sport and send it to your door every four weeks. You’ll also get access to our app, which shows you when to use your products and recommends hundreds of performance recipes – all designed to take your nutrition to the next level.

It’s easy to get started

To set up a Blue Fuel subscription we’ll need a few details about you and your sport. It helps us create a product recommendation which you can then adjust to suit – swap flavours, change quantities, preferences and so on.

We’ll also tell you exactly how much it costs every four weeks – price includes products, delivery, Blue Fuel app, access to 100s of performance recipes plus expert support. Once you’re happy, set up your account, confirm payment details, and we’ll ship everything to you.

“Products, delivery, app and recipes – all from one simple monthly subscription.”

Specially designed nutrition products

All our nutrition products were developed with the teams, nutritionists and coaches at Chelsea FC. Get exactly what you need, delivered to your door every four weeks.

Energy Gummies
For a quick energy boost before or during exercise

Hydration Powder
Helps to hydrate and replace key electrolytes

Rebuild Protein Bars
High protein snack for in-between meals

Rebuild Protein Powder
Supports muscle maintenance and growth

Recovery Powder
A blend of carbohydrate, protein and vitamins

    An app to show you the way

    Download the Blue Fuel app for Android or iPhone. It automatically recognises the products we’ve delivered to you and helps you enter you weekly activity:

    • Simply add a training session or match
    • Set the intensity and duration, then we’ll show you exactly when to use your products.
    • You’ll also get recipe suggestions based on your daily activity. Each meal is carefully calculated to have the right balance of macronutrients.
    • You’ll get different recipe recommendations to suit your day’s activity.
    • If your schedule changes, it’s easy to adjust your daily recommendation – just swipe and delete.

    Take your nutrition to the next level

    Blue Fuel is an easy-to-use nutrition service that’s completely personalised to you. Change, cancel and pause at any time. And get all the support you need from our expert team.

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