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The importance of Informed Sport testing

Informed Sport is a supplement testing and certification programme from the world’s leading doping control lab, LGC. It offers assurance to athletes that any products carrying the Informed Sport mark have been tested for banned substances and are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Their extensive tests search for over 200 substances, including drugs of abuse, anabolic agents, stimulants, beta-2-agonists and masking agents. The good news is that every Blue Fuel product is tested and approved by Informed Sport – find out why it’s so important for team sport athletes...

Make sure you’re training clean

Research has shown that some supplement products have been contaminated with low levels of steroids and stimulants. Worryingly, these are all prohibited by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) and other sporting bodies. And even more eye-opening is the fact that as much as 10% of all commercial supplements available may contain a banned substance. So it’s important to only choose supplements and products that have been Informed Sport tested.

“As much as 10% of all supplements contain a banned substance.”

But I’m not an elite athlete…

Informed Sport isn’t just about banned substance testing. They also make sure that what a sports nutrition supplier says is in their products is actually there. Producers undergo a full quality screening of suppliers and undertake a full independent nutritional analysis to make sure that what’s listed on the label is in the product. Nothing would stop an untested product from hitting the shelves with less of an ingredient than what is listed, so this process keeps sports nutrition brands honest.

    How do you find out what’s been tested

    Firstly, check to see if the Informed Sport logo is printed on the product. Some companies only have a handful of products listed on Informed Sport, but will still put the logo in the header or footer on their website, so be careful. This is misleading as not all their products are always tested. Some brands use statements like ‘tested for athletes’ or ‘or banned substance free’ in their marketing. But this DOES NOT mean it’s tested by Informed Sport, so always look for the mark related to each product you’re thinking of using. 


    When you get a new product, you can either request the LGC certificate or go visit and search for the product batch number.

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