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How we created our cola caffeine Energy Gummies

There are thousands of sports nutrition products on the market. And many of those contain added caffeine, which gives athletes a boost when they need it. The problem is that lots of caffeinated products (often gels and shots) have a really bitter taste – so, sometimes the potential benefits of caffeine are cancelled out by a flavour that turns your stomach. When it came to developing our own nutrition, we set out to create a caffeine product that’s easy to eat AND tastes great

What are the benefits of caffeine?

Caffeine is an ergogenic aid – it helps reduce the perception of fatigue. So it makes you feel like you’re not working as hard as you actually are, which helps you push even further. The amount of caffeine needed for a team sport athlete completely depends on individual tolerances and weight. As a guideline though, it’s recommended that you consume 3mg of caffeine per kg of body mass. So for a 70kg player, this works out as 210mg of caffeine. That said, if you’re accustomed to consuming a lot of caffeine, you might need a little more to feel the performance benefits.

“Caffeine is an ergogenic aid – it helps reduce the perception of fatigue.”

It’s all in the flavour

At Blue Fuel, we worked hard on the flavour profile of our cola caffeine Energy Gummies. For starters, cola is a great flavour to mask the bitterness of caffeine. But we also use natural flavourings, which further enhance the taste – just using cola wouldn’t be enough to mask the bitterness (try a cola caffeine gel and you’ll see what we mean)! We also use a natural caffeine source – guarana extract. This gives us a whopping 100mg of caffeine per 40g of Gummies (one pack of ten). And after trying everything else on the market, we think we’ve got one of the best-tasting caffeine products around. Even though we tried some products with 75-150mg caffeine in them, the portion size was much larger than ours and probably wouldn’t be practical for use in team sports.


Take your nutrition to the next level

Our Energy Gummies offer 32g of carbohydrate per serving. That comes from glucose and sucrose – fast-digesting carbohydrate sources that give you energy pre-match, half time and during natural breaks in play. And as it’s widely agreed that the body needs 40-60g of carbs per hour during tough team sport exercise, 1 bag pre-match and 1 at half-time should hit the spot for you. So by choosing our cola caffeine Energy Gummies, you’ll be getting the right amount of energy you need, but also the extra benefits of caffeine – win, win.

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