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Gummies or gels. Which is best for team sport?

It’s easy to think of gels and gummies as the same thing. But they both have a specific purpose. Gels may suit athletes who need to consume energy in one hit, whereas gummies may be better for team sport athletes who can spread out their energy intake during breaks in play and half time. Find out more about gels, gummies and how to take on the right levels of carbs for your sport.

30-60g of carbohydrate every hour

The American College of Sports medicine (ACSM) suggests that during team sports (which are high intensity and ‘stop-start’ in nature) athletes should consume 30-60g of carbohydrate per hour. That’s to help prevent ‘hitting the wall’ – where your stored carbohydrate (glycogen) runs low. In a competitive game, if you consumed 30-40g of carbohydrate during the warm-up and a further 30-40g of carbohydrates at half-time, that would give you 40-50g of carbohydrate per hour. You could also top this up during breaks in play by consuming 1-2 gummies – for reference, one pack of Blue Fuel Energy Gummies contains 33g of carbohydrate.

“Team sport athletes should try and take on 30-60g of carbohydrate every hour.”

Are isotonic gels better?

Isotonic just means that a solution has the same osmotic pressure as one in a cell or a body of fluid. Put simply, you won’t need to drink water to digest it. This doesn't necessarily mean that you won't experience GI distress... If you’re running marathons and don't have access to fluid then this may suit you. In team sports, it's recommended to also hydrate at the same time as taking on energy- like breaks in play and at half time. That’s why our Energy Gummies are lower in volume (60g vs 40g) than your average gel, but higher in overall carbohydrate (22g vs 33g).

Perfectly portioned for team sports

There are other benefits of consuming gummies over gels. Energy gels have to be used all in one go and this might not be the best thing for athletes who sometimes struggle to stomach thick, gloopy food. In fact, drip feeding carbohydrate (e.g 3-4 gummies during breaks in play, 5-6 gummies at half time and another 3-4 gummies in the 2nd half) may be more beneficial than consuming it all in one go and better on a 'sensitive stomach'. In addition, we’ve made our Energy Gummies to be something you’ll want to eat – pro athletes have been using sweets for years, so we wanted to replicate the taste and enjoyment. Our Gummies are perfectly portioned, won’t stick to your teeth, and also come in a 100mg cola caffeine version for an extra boost.

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