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Getting back into team sports

No one knows exactly when amateur team sport will start again. But thousands of athletes are getting themselves back in shape for when the time comes. So whether you’re ramping up your home training or heading back to the gym – here’s our advice on getting yourself ready to return to your sport.

Easy does it

It might be tempting to start where you left off. But trying to smash that 10k time or attempting a deadlift max at your first training session back? That’s not going to do your body any favours and might even end with injury. Remember, your body will need a little time to get back to where it was, so we’d recommend starting at 50% of whatever you were doing before the pandemic. That means shorter runs, lighter weights and half the reps.

“Start at around 50%. If you were running 10k before, begin with a 5k at a slower pace.”

Warm up, stretch, rest and recover

Stretching and warming up is always important. But when you’re returning to sport after a long period of rest, it’s crucial if you want to stay injury-free. As well as a simple stretching routine, add a few basic bodyweight exercises (squat, jumping jacks, lunges etc.) into your schedule to strengthen your body and prevent injury. And, as always, getting enough sleep is a great way to help your body recover, so aim for 7-8 hours a night.

    Don’t forget your nutrition

    Making sure you’re properly fuelled before, during and after exercise will really help you get back into the swing of things. So let’s break this down into three simple stages. BEFORE you start your session (over an hour in length), have a portion of carbohydrate (our Energy Gummies are perfect here). Then DURING exercise, drink plenty of water. You can add electrolytes to make sure you’re properly hydrated – our Hydration Powder will do the job nicely. Then AFTER your session, take on some high quality protein (either through one of the meals we recommend in the Blue Fuel app, or one of our protein products). Keeping things simple will help you get back into top shape in no time. Good luck!

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