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Elite Sports Nutrition
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Developed with the teams, nutritionists and coaches here at Chelsea FC.
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All this with
Blue Fuel…

Designed around <strong>you</strong>

Designed around you

Specially tailored nutrition products delivered to your door.

Our <strong>app</strong> does the thinking

Our app does the thinking

Get a personalised nutrition plan that adapts to changing fitness schedules.

Recipes for <strong>performance</strong>

Recipes for performance

Mealtime ideas to fuel match days & maximise rest day recovery.

Hydrate, boost,

rebuild and restore

For a quick <strong>energy <br>boost</strong> before or <br>during exercise For a quick <strong>energy <br>boost</strong> before or <br>during exercise

For a quick energy
before or
during exercise

Energy Gummies
Helps to <strong>hydrate</strong> <br> & replace key electrolytes Helps to <strong>hydrate</strong> <br> & replace key electrolytes

Helps to hydrate
& replace key electrolytes

Hydration Powder
High <strong>protein snack</strong> <br> for in-between meals High <strong>protein snack</strong> <br> for in-between meals

High protein snack
for in-between meals

Rebuild Protein Bar
Supports <strong>muscle <br> maintenance</strong> & growth Supports <strong>muscle <br> maintenance</strong> & growth

Supports muscle
& growth

Rebuild Protein Powder
A blend of <strong>carbohydrate, <br> protein</strong> and vitamins A blend of <strong>carbohydrate, <br> protein</strong> and vitamins

A blend of carbohydrate,
and vitamins

Recovery Powder

Our app does

the thinking

<strong>Expert nutrition</strong>
at hand <strong>Expert nutrition</strong>
at hand

Expert nutrition at hand

The Blue Fuel app is full of expert guidance, detailed analysis and goal-specific recipes.

recipes <strong>Performance</strong>

Performance recipes

Simple, delicious, and with carefully balanced macros that adapt to your training and playing schedule.

It’s easy to get


Why subscribe?



Tell us all about your sport and fitness goals. We’ll create a personalised plan with all the nutrition products you need for four weeks – delivered to your door.



The Blue Fuel app tells you when to eat/drink your nutrition products. Plus there are hundreds of recipes that adjust to your daily energy needs.



Update the app with changes to your training plans as they happen. We’ll tailor your next box to match & suggest new recipes to help with your targets.

What is Blue Fuel?

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